Life Caps Survival Pill

Life Caps on the Shark Tank

World's First Survival Pill - Episode 518 - 1/24/2014
Life Caps super vitamin featured 1/24/2014
LifeCap's is the "World's First Survival Pill"
that could revolutionize the entire vitamin market.
 Is there really a super vitamin that can sustain life for weeks at a time? A survival pill when taken with plenty of water has the ability to keep you alive. The more I learn about the LifeCaps super vitamin and mineral pill, the more I'm convinced this survival pill has many more uses yet to be explored. Daryl Stevenett is the entrepreneur behind the Life Caps Survival Pill coming to the Shark Tank this Friday night with what could be a ground breaking survival pill with mass world-wide appeal.

Life Cap's claims to be the world's first survival pill surviving up to 2 weeks on these super multi-vitamins almost seems too good to be true. That is until you learn a little about Lifecaps Formulator Russ Bianchi and his motives to create this ultimate survival pill. What's interesting to note and  perhaps even a bigger market for this super vitamin, is marketing LifeCaps also as a dietary/ weight loss supplement. Even if you could survive for 2 weeks with nothing but a bottle of Life Cap's and plenty of water (Entrepreneur Daryl Stevenett survived for 17 day's) you're still going to lose some excess body weight while living off this food pill that's more like a meal in a capsule.

 As far as taste goes maybe you'd like a Steak and Eggs capsule or perhaps a Thanksgiving Dinner jam packed inside one little chewable survival pill?
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