Lockerbones Locker Organizer

Lockerbones on Shark Tank

Locker Organizer - Episode 514 - 1/17/2014
Locker organizer seen on Shark Tank episode 514
Inventors of the Lockerbone's Organizer
Gregg and Ashley Cronin
 Now here's an idea that has the potential becoming a Huge Success on the Shark Tank Show and gain thousands of young entrepreneur viewers in the process. The Lockerbone's is the ultimate locker organizer soon be a "must have item" as word spreads around School's about this invention that should of been invented generations ago. It looks like this locker organizer is already in hundreds of locker's all over Mississippi with fantastic results helping kid's in a way no one has paid any attention to, until now.

The Lockerbone's story all started the night before the first day at a brand new school, when Greg Cronin's daughter, Ashley, put the idea of a stylish locker organizer into his mind. Like all good Dad's would hopefully do to help their kids anyway they can, Greg spent that entire night building the ultimate locker organizer that was instantly a big hit with all her new friends. The orders started pouring in as word quickly spread how effective this locker organizer is always staying organized and easily customize as they see fit.

After several months perfecting the Lockerbone's invention, Cronin began marketing them directly to schools showing the benefits students receive by keeping their lockers organized and customizable. Within two years Greg had orders pouring in from 6 different schools just within the Jackson, Mississippi area alone. What started out as a Father/ Daughter project, soon swelled into a full-fledged profitable and growing business. Read More Here-->>>