"varieties of dogs"

public domain from text quoted
"The above engraving represents the most remarkable kinds of dogs.  The following is a description of them, beginning at the left hand of the top row:"

1. Irish Greyhound - the largest species.
2. Newfoundland, web-footed, fond of the water, and remarkable for his sagacity.
3. Mastiff, a favorite as a guard.
4.  Greyhound, the fleetest of all dogs.
5. Esquimaux, used to draw the sledges of the Esquimaux.
6. Large, rough water dog, used in hunting ducks.
7. Spanish pointer, a favorite with sportsmen.
8. Setter, a fine sporting dog.
9. Old English greyhound, now very scarce.
10. Bandog, a rare species, resembling the mastiff.
11. Shepherd's dog, used in Europe for tending sheep.
12. Bull-dog, the fiercest of all dogs.
13. Cur-dog, active and sagacious.
14. Lurcher, used for killing hares and rabbits.
15. Fox-hound, used for pursuing foxes.
16. Harrier, strong and active.
17. Beagle, used in pursuing hares.
18. Dalmatian, used as an attendant upon a coach.
19. Large water spaniel, docile and affectionate.
20. Small water spaniel, resembles the former.
21. Springer, used for hunting woodcocks.
22. Terrier, active and strong, used for destroying rats and mice.
23. Turnspit, formerly used in England for turning a spit.
24. Comforter, kept as a lap-dog.

-- from  Merry's Museum, vols. 3-4 (Boston: Bradbury, Soden & Co., 1843) pp. 72-3.