seth fitts shows a thing cats do so well

image copyright and kindest permission of the artist, seth fitts
They sit there and stare at nothing in particular, your cats.  They stare at this nothing with great concentration.  Why? Artist Seth Fitts divined it; he titled this piece "Orange Cat Sitting, Knowing."  I especially appreciate that this piece is created on paper from old books, which lends a feel of compare and contrast to the cat's reverie.  Think of all the things cats know that we can't.
Fitts' work has a timeless sense that reminds me of the adventure I find in most any Paul Klee work, indicating an entire viewpoint with the least detail possible.  Like Klee, he reminds me that there is an entire dimension to a creature's being and perception that is alien to me, but no less beautiful for that.  Have a look, for example, at Haloed Blue Bird, Hovering or Cloud Window (Tufted Bird).  His DeviantArt gallery has much more to see.  And please visit his blog.