Shark Tank's Success on CNBC

Shark Tank Sets Records on CNBC

2 Hours (now 4 hours) of Shark Tank on CNBC Prime Time

Kevin O'Leary promoting Shark Tank on CNBC
Kevin O'Leary promoting Shark Tank
Tuesdays on CNBC Prime Time
 After last week's Shark Tank Marathon on CNBC I've been anxiously waiting to see just exactly how many viewers tuned in to another channel to watch the Shark Tank Show. It's no secret CNBC has been spending several millions of dollars to start their own Business Reality TV Show for Prime-Time with less than favorable results. Last year they came out with a new show called "Crowd Rules" that was a cross between the Shark Tank Show and more of a Game Show for lack of better words. It lasted a whopping 2 episodes before CNBC abruptly canceled the show averaging only 40,000 viewers per episode. Next was "The Profit" with Marcus Lemonis who is a Shark in his own right with a Networth in the hundreds of millions, and so far has had decent ratings, but nothing even close to the viewers the Shark Tank attracts.

CNBC decided they would start their relationship with the Best Business Reality Show in History featuring 6 full hours of the Shark Tank that may have been somewhat of a gamble, but one that paid off handsomely. Last week's Marathon produced triple digit ratings at CNBC up a whopping 287% compared to last quarter, confirming they made a terrific decision to add Shark Tank reruns to the line-up.

Tonight's Shark Tank Episode's on CNBC (Just Doubled)

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