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Spartan Race Review
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 If there's one thing I do not believe in, its coincidences. There IS a reason for everything which is a direct result of a thought that has now found a way to express itself in the real world. My Son and I were just talking about finding a new sports-type hobby just a few days ago and son of a gun Dan Kruger one of the owners of Spartan Race, just wrote the Shark Tank Success Blog.

At first I thought the Spartan Race might be coming to the Shark Tank Show and giving me a heads up on their appearance like a lot of contestants do. With over 60 successful hardcore obstacle course/ races already scheduled around the world in 2014, this didn't appear to be the average type of business opportunity we normally see on the Show. But this sure got my attention not only for the reason stated above, but because in my military days "I Was the Spartan". I absolutely loved those obstacle courses and always had a very determined stubbornness to concur anything they could throw at me. The harder the course and the better the competition, the more determined I became. LOL, but that was then and this is now. Actually being a highclimber in most of my adult life I'm still in good shape, but certainly not in Spartan Shape, at least not yet.

Each Spartan race includes the Spartan Sprint which is a 3 mile obstacle course race, the Super Spartan is 8 mile's with obstacles along the way, the Spartan Beast is 12 miles in length, the Ultra Beast is over 26 miles long (a fricken marathon while completing obstacles along the way), and the Spartan Death Race which is the most extreme of them all. Occasionally they also run a Special Ops obstacle course that was designed by the U.S. Military with the next one coming up February 15, 2014 in Tampa, Florida.

Does this look like fun or what?
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