Swim Zip UVA Swimwear

Swim Zip on the Shark Tank

UVA Protective Swim Suits - Episode 518 - 1/24/2014

Swim zip UVA protective swimwear for children on the Shark Tank
 If there was ever a new swimwear clothing line that could change the entire industry, SwimZip swim suits just might be the one. Swimzip clothing and swimwear uses materials blocking over 98% of UVA rays from the sun that's been directly linked to skin cancer. Everyone knows it's a good idea to put sunscreen protection on to block AVA rays, but who would of thought about protecting these harmful rays entering directly from your swimsuit? We'll fortunately we have sibling's Betsy Johnson and Berry Wanless coming to the Shark Tank with this new product line that guarantees you will think twice the next time you buy a new swimsuit, especially for your children.

Swimzip officially became a business in March of 2010 after Betsy successfully was treated for a form of skin cancer which was also the motivation to start this new line. Johnson credits a lot of Swim Zip's early success from participating in Youth Entrepreneurs which helped grow this start-up business during this critical phase. What started out in a YE class at Topeka High School helped Betsy with everything from writing a business plan, getting loans and even practice pitching to potential Shark Tank investors. Now less than 4 years later, Betsy and her brother/ business partner Berry, will be entering the biggest Business Stage in the entire world with a UV protective product thousands of people are going to love. Read More Here-->>>