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Wall Doctor on Shark Tank

Wall Rx - Dry Wall Repair - Episode 515 - 1/10/2014
Wall Doctor on episode 513, 1/10/2013
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 What is a guaranteed way to get on the Shark Tank Show? Invent such a unique and "needed" product that hundreds of other entrepreneurs applying for the Show ask where they themselves can buy your product. That's exactly what happened to Dr. Jim Lewis the inventor of the Wall Rx, when his patent attorney encouraged him to audition for the Shark Tank. Dr. Lewis aka The Wall Doctor, is a real Forensic Pathologist from Uwchlan, Pa., who took his medical knowledge patching us up, and applied the same principals to patching up dry wall holes.

Another major plus Dr. Jim Lewis had when auditioning for the Show was the fact he already achieved something that all the Sharks look for when determining an investment in a new business or product, lots of proven sales. It appears there are millions and millions of holes punctured in dry wall which until now was a total pain in the ass to fix if you've ever tried to do this handyman task yourself.
I can clearly remember more than once hanging a picture or moving a piece of furniture just to hide a small hole in the drywall I had no intentions trying to repair because of past experiences. Now that I know I can easily fix any hole in drywall up to 4" wide in 3 easy steps using the Wall Doctor dry wall patch, this will never be something I would purposely put off again.Read More Here-->>>