Cycloramic App makes $200,000.00 in One Hour

Cyclormic Photo App Shark Tank Update

Vibrating App Sets Shark Tank Record
Update after Shark Tank Appearance
Cycloramic Photo App Huge Success after the
Shark Tank Show

 Wow, this vibrating panoramic app has to be one of the most exciting set of negotiations I have ever seen on the Shark Tank Show. Bruno Francois managed to get all 5 Sharks instantly interested in this vibrating app taking 360 degree panoramic videos and pictures hands-free. Bruno estimated he would sell at least a million Cyclormic Video App's at 99 cents each in the first year alone, whether he got on the Shark Tank Show or not. He confidently asked for a $90,000.00 investment in exchange for only 5% stake in this patented vibrating photo App putting the initial valuation at $1.8 million.

Lori Greiner is the first Shark to try to sink her teeth into this deal by paying the Cyclormic Photo App the highest compliment she could by saying " I think the Cyclormic App is a megawatt Hero". She wastes little time making the first offer of $200,000.00 for a 10% equity stake bringing the valuation up to an even $2 million. Francois is flattered with the higher valuation but wants to hear other offers from the Sharks. Lori pulls the "give me an answer or else" card which didn't make any sense considering none of the other Sharks have yet to speak.

Mark Cuban who already has an enormous amount of success in the technology field, mentions he's already an investor in a company called Condition One that specializes in panoramic, and Motion Loft used in Commercial Real Estate that tracks people walking by.Read More Here-->>>